Wednesday, March 4, 2009

why HELLO!

So I know there are at least 95 billion blogs out there and why would you want to read mine? Hmm, because you want to? Umm I don't know.. because I offer a fresh perspective.. ok the perspective of a twenty year old. And I don't think I am like an annoying 20 year old. 

In no way am I like flippin crazy for Miley Cyrus or those weird boys who sport the promise rings, but in reality they're banging like everyone in Hollywood under the age of sixteen. Seems wrong, but no offense I support you guys pretending to be virgins... it sends the right message, kind of. I've been through the whole poser stage, where I tried to be like a hip hop dancer, a hipster, a glam chick. Yeah, I've been through them all and royally screwed everyone of them up. What else are the stereotypes of a 20 year old? Ok yeah, I like to party. I am all for the legit college party, solo cups, beiruit, flip cup, and good old making out. I think it is amazing and we should all party like college kids for the rest of our lives, there just aren't any restrictions. 

Well hit me up with any other stereotypes and I'll tell you if I fit them or not, don't worry I'll be honest. 

Right now I am watching the Real World and Make Me a Supermodel. Yes I am so generation whatever this is, right now, I have to switch channels every 18 seconds. Oh wait tangent, before these two came on I was watching Americas Next Top Model and they were all like 18-20, I mean I am going to be too old to watch this show in a year. Its scary. There's  a boy on Make me A Supermodel who is 18, he is younger then me.. what!? He's a total hottie, but such a douche. I have this issue with dating/hooking up with guys who are younger then me, so I am going to have to count this one out. Ok well maybe if he I ran into him and my lips were forced onto his, then I would go for it, totally. 

Real World, where do I begin? Chet drives me insane, poser. Who wears a hat with you own name on it? Ok I am going to continue with this, but my battery power is struggling. I am not done with my Real World "discussion". Ok I started blogging and I am already talking about the Real World, make fun of me I deserve it. 

Peace lovers.

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