Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am still here! It's official I am in love with blogging.

Well it's 1:30 in the morning. One thing about me, I am such a night owl. Tonight I went to my (high school) brother's sports award ceremony. It brought me back to the days of high school. It was 2 years ago this June when I graduated. Tonight I realized I never want to relive my high school days. Everyone thinks their awkward stage is over after middle school, not so much. Tonight I was transported back to the days of bad skin, weird body issues, confusion over the opposite sex, and having those weird crushes on your teachers. Well I never had a crush on teachers, it was always the older boys that I was secretly in love with. High school is something we all have to deal with, I get that, but how many people actually enjoy high school? Seriously, I am asking. I really can only think of one person who misses high school. 

In high school I was always questioning where I belonged. I kept on trying to fit in with the latest trends. It was exhausting! Guys were not interested in me at all. My senior year I promised I wouldn't try and fit in, I would be as original as possible. But I put way too much effort into be original. I was so lost in high school. I thought I knew what I wanted, but thinking back on it I had no idea what the hell I wanted. I guess I wanted to be popular and beautiful. I know it sounds extremely corny and I am almost embarrassed to say this... but I am so happy where I am right now and I've never felt more physically beautiful. Yeah my skin is a lot better then it ever was in high school, my trainer has whipped me into pretty good shape, and I am not eating a chicken burger everyday for lunch but I think it goes deeper then that. I was so lost in high school, I didn't have any direction, and I was too busy trying too hard that I didn't feel beautiful internally. 

So if anyone in high school is reading this, I am not going to feed you that crap about feeling good about yourself and then all of sudden you'll become the best looking girl or boy in school. I will say though, find something that you love, something that your good at and focus on it. Maybe things will seem a little less traumatic then usually. Oh and high school is the one time in your life, where you can be totally selfish, because after that you can't get away with it. Honestly I respect everyone who gets up everyday and goes to high school, its tough... most people forget, but high school sucks for most. 

I am adding to this post because I was on Post Secret looking at the new Sunday secrets and this was on of them! How ironic? Post Secret is an awesome project that Frank Warren is conducting. People from all over the world send secrets to this one man in Maryland! He has books, museum exhibits, and public speaking tours. I've been following Post Secret for for about four years now and have yet to be disappointed (it will never happen). Check it out every Sunday at

peace lovers

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