Saturday, March 21, 2009


So I am sure I am one of the last bloggers to blog about the Obama slip up on Jay Leno about the Special Olympics. I can see where people would be offended, but lighten up guys. He's human, I know not everyone has been politically correct there entire life. We might all like to think that, but in reality we all know it's not true. Obama is human, Americans forget that the president is human. Ok, Bush was a disgraceful human! Obama has every right to make mistakes, slip up, trip, and fall. We can't expect him to be flawless, how boring! 

The people at Special Olympics are so cool. Did you know that they gave their blessings and supported the movie The Ringer with Johnny Knoxville. They seemed to recognize the mistake made by the President, but they didn't flip out about it. That's awesome! Meanwhile I am sure the Republicans had a field day over it, but who cares? Obama got elected, John McCain didn't!

In my eyes Obama can't really go wrong. I should probably be more skeptical, but he's such a role model and so freaking cool! Right, I am in college, I don't know one person my age who didn't vote for him. Ahh, college where everyone around is a raging liberal, got to love it! I also go to school to Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in the country, so can you blame me for being one too? 

Have a good weekend, play some flip cup for me! Peace.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Kissing Disease

Sorry it's been extremely long since I've updated this bad boy, but I have been extremely sick. So sick all I can do with this laptop is watch reruns of friends and try and read the 3rd Twilight book. Basically I am back to being a thirteen year old girl. 

After being brought to the emergency room last night, I was diagnosed with good old mono. I unfortunately didn't get it from kissing anyone, my best friend has it and I am sure this is how it happened. I am not going to go into the details, that's for my body and I to figure out, but to sum up mono in word (and I've only known the diagnosis for 24 hours) it would be horrific. I guess I am lucky going 20 years without getting it. I made it through high school, sharing water bottles with everyone on  the J.V girls basketball team. I made it through my first year of college sharing water bottles filled with concoctions of who knows what to bring out to parties (to maintain our wasted status). Oh, don't judge, we've all done it and if you haven't, well you haven't lived. It's a right of passage in college, walking down the stairs to a Frat party with your Poland Springs bottle in hand. The funny thing is, as a freshman in college I thought it was cool, now I try and hide it. 

So I am out for at least six weeks, this means no: exercise, sharing toothbrushes, kissing, and drinking. Ok now its not like I go around using my buddies' toothbrush and lets admit it how often am I really going to the gym? Kissing, it will be missed. Drinking, that's what took a beating on my soul. How am I supposed to be in college and ahem, blog about it if I can't attend the Frat parties? That's right, strict doctor's orders, "there will be no partying." I have a feeling I am going to get in trouble with this post later, so much for cleaning up my digital dirt. 

So wish me luck! I promise I want keep you updated on how I am feeling everyday, I got myself in this mess and you all don't need to suffer along with me! Have a good night and be careful who your sharing saliva with! 

xxx peace

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Snowing in Boston, NO!

Well instead of writing an essay, I am blogging, Clearly my priorities are way off or not? 

Well I thought this was really funny. I was in my dorm with my roommate. Ok let me describe my rooming situation here first, before you make judgments and picture me in this room with bunk beds  in a room about the size of a closet that is not the case. I live in a suite with a full sized kitchen, two room bathroom, a living room and a huge room a share with the coolest roommate!
Anyways, we were sitting her watching T.V and we got a knock at our door. These two boys were there (I think they belonged to a fraternity). They were promoting this week long event called "Do It In The Dark." Its a contest against dorms to conserve the most energy throughout the week. Well I thought it was hilarious because when the came in to our room we had our T.V on, every light in the suite was on (including our room which we weren't in), our stove light was on, my computer was plugged in (that I wasn't using), our bathroom light was on and we realized our sink was dripping water. They probably looked in and realized there wasn't any hope for this dorm. We probably are using at least eighty percent of our dorms electricity, very sad. The thing is for the past year, I've been trying to "go green". Well I think after tonight I was just set back thirty steps. 

This weekend I had coffee with a friend I haven't seen in about three years! First I couldn't believe how much time had passed. It was crazy to think that so much had happened in my life that she didn't know about and so much I didn't know about her. We picked up right where we left off. It was like neither of us had changed. Even three years of not seeing each other it was like we were fifteen years old and back at camp painting each others toenails. It just proved to me that good and healthy friendships can last through anything. I was under the impression that friendships could only progress if you saw each other and talked to each other everyday. So much for that theory. It's scary growing up, but being able to discover things like old friendships makes it worth it. 

I hope your all in better weather then I am. If anyone wants to experience snow, hit a sister up. 

xx peace 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've been in Pittsburgh for almost 24 hours now. It is a really cool city. The fam and I hit up The Cheesecake Factory last night, the weather was warm, the couples were out, and I realized... Pittsburgh has some attractive looking people! Shout out to Pittsburgh, you guys are hotties. My best friend goes to Pitt, so I should of known this already. I don't know if it was the warm and balmy weather or what, but you guys all looked like models!

I visited the Andy Warhol museum which was awesome. Something you'll know about me: I've been fascinated by Andy Warhol since I was a Junior in high school. He is such and icon and he reallt makes you think about American culture and consumerism. More on him later, I am sure. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Quickly, I am off to Pittsburgh. Yes I am in college on my spring break and I am visiting family in Pittsburgh. Please you have permission to make fun of me, I think its hilarious. Meanwhile I am kicking it with my grandmother and about 3/4 of the kids my age will be getting wasted and getting a killer tan. Life is unfair sometimes. Not that I don't love you mum (my grandmother)! I would choose you over Fort Lauderdale any day... that was a bold statement. 

Anyways everyone enjoy your weekends, if your starting spring break... you are a lucky sole! I'll keep you updated on my trip, I know its killing you to know all the awesome activities I participate in.

xx peace

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am still here! It's official I am in love with blogging.

Well it's 1:30 in the morning. One thing about me, I am such a night owl. Tonight I went to my (high school) brother's sports award ceremony. It brought me back to the days of high school. It was 2 years ago this June when I graduated. Tonight I realized I never want to relive my high school days. Everyone thinks their awkward stage is over after middle school, not so much. Tonight I was transported back to the days of bad skin, weird body issues, confusion over the opposite sex, and having those weird crushes on your teachers. Well I never had a crush on teachers, it was always the older boys that I was secretly in love with. High school is something we all have to deal with, I get that, but how many people actually enjoy high school? Seriously, I am asking. I really can only think of one person who misses high school. 

In high school I was always questioning where I belonged. I kept on trying to fit in with the latest trends. It was exhausting! Guys were not interested in me at all. My senior year I promised I wouldn't try and fit in, I would be as original as possible. But I put way too much effort into be original. I was so lost in high school. I thought I knew what I wanted, but thinking back on it I had no idea what the hell I wanted. I guess I wanted to be popular and beautiful. I know it sounds extremely corny and I am almost embarrassed to say this... but I am so happy where I am right now and I've never felt more physically beautiful. Yeah my skin is a lot better then it ever was in high school, my trainer has whipped me into pretty good shape, and I am not eating a chicken burger everyday for lunch but I think it goes deeper then that. I was so lost in high school, I didn't have any direction, and I was too busy trying too hard that I didn't feel beautiful internally. 

So if anyone in high school is reading this, I am not going to feed you that crap about feeling good about yourself and then all of sudden you'll become the best looking girl or boy in school. I will say though, find something that you love, something that your good at and focus on it. Maybe things will seem a little less traumatic then usually. Oh and high school is the one time in your life, where you can be totally selfish, because after that you can't get away with it. Honestly I respect everyone who gets up everyday and goes to high school, its tough... most people forget, but high school sucks for most. 

I am adding to this post because I was on Post Secret looking at the new Sunday secrets and this was on of them! How ironic? Post Secret is an awesome project that Frank Warren is conducting. People from all over the world send secrets to this one man in Maryland! He has books, museum exhibits, and public speaking tours. I've been following Post Secret for for about four years now and have yet to be disappointed (it will never happen). Check it out every Sunday at

peace lovers

She's Back with Battery Power!

Sorry to peace out last night, mid thought.. I dream of unlimited battery power!

Well I was talking about the Real World. First question, I am I only one in the America who is still watching this show? There have been like a million seasons since the first one, in what, the 90's? I thought this season was actually cool, because of some of the people. Chet is not included in one of those cool people. I am going to go ahead and say it ( c'mon everyone is thinking it), the dude needs to get laid. I now its against his religion, but seriously it would loosen him up so much. He's so uptight, I mean the guy is worried about wearing a bowtie with whales on it! 

I think Katelynn is awesome, talk about diversity Real World, you nailed it casting her. She seems to have such a solid head on her soldiers and remains fairly calm when people like Chet say things about her being transgendered. Ryan and Sarah are awesome too, their pasts are cool. 

Ok well enough of the Real World. Let me hit you up with a little more about you. Boring details: I technically turn 20 this April, yeah go ahead shoot me, I lied. I go to Northeastern in Boston. 

Not boring details: My lucky numbers are 4 and 10. I'll talk a lot about the number 4. There's four of us, we've been best friends since 1st grade and we plan on being best friends till the day we all die (heavy stuff right there, huh?) and I have a brother, mom, dad, and sister.. so see the importance of four? My favorite food are Lucky Charms. That stuff is truly magical. I would live off it. I went to a Catholic high school and I am the farthest thing from a catholic girl. Ok and I am done with this.

More later, I need a nap. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

why HELLO!

So I know there are at least 95 billion blogs out there and why would you want to read mine? Hmm, because you want to? Umm I don't know.. because I offer a fresh perspective.. ok the perspective of a twenty year old. And I don't think I am like an annoying 20 year old. 

In no way am I like flippin crazy for Miley Cyrus or those weird boys who sport the promise rings, but in reality they're banging like everyone in Hollywood under the age of sixteen. Seems wrong, but no offense I support you guys pretending to be virgins... it sends the right message, kind of. I've been through the whole poser stage, where I tried to be like a hip hop dancer, a hipster, a glam chick. Yeah, I've been through them all and royally screwed everyone of them up. What else are the stereotypes of a 20 year old? Ok yeah, I like to party. I am all for the legit college party, solo cups, beiruit, flip cup, and good old making out. I think it is amazing and we should all party like college kids for the rest of our lives, there just aren't any restrictions. 

Well hit me up with any other stereotypes and I'll tell you if I fit them or not, don't worry I'll be honest. 

Right now I am watching the Real World and Make Me a Supermodel. Yes I am so generation whatever this is, right now, I have to switch channels every 18 seconds. Oh wait tangent, before these two came on I was watching Americas Next Top Model and they were all like 18-20, I mean I am going to be too old to watch this show in a year. Its scary. There's  a boy on Make me A Supermodel who is 18, he is younger then me.. what!? He's a total hottie, but such a douche. I have this issue with dating/hooking up with guys who are younger then me, so I am going to have to count this one out. Ok well maybe if he I ran into him and my lips were forced onto his, then I would go for it, totally. 

Real World, where do I begin? Chet drives me insane, poser. Who wears a hat with you own name on it? Ok I am going to continue with this, but my battery power is struggling. I am not done with my Real World "discussion". Ok I started blogging and I am already talking about the Real World, make fun of me I deserve it. 

Peace lovers.